Lammermoor was created following our genuine passion to develop an extraordinary experience in hospitality services.

Sublime in its complexity, the technical and expressive features in Lucia di Lammermoor makes it one of the most demanding performances in the Opera circuit. It is in these rare and delicate traits that we found a poetic expression of our intent with this venture, hence the reason we named our company Lammermoor.

The experience we are looking to create for our guests can be summed up with that ambitious equilibrium that balances a perfect technical execution and a memorable and profound sensation.

Holding our client's absolute and complete satisfaction at the core of our company, Lammermoor was designed to satisfy the expectations of the most discerning travelers through a unique combination of exquisite details, extraordinary location and a truly personalized service.

Just as in the Arts, Lammermoor properties need to be experienced to be fully appreciated.