Image Advisory
    Lammermoor has professional experts in the field of Fashion, Decoration, Image Consulting, Personal Coaching, Shopping & Lifestyle.

    If you need any of our consulting services, do not hesitate to ask for a meeting with one of our advisers who will be delighted to see you with no obligation.

    The image consulting is a very useful tool that allows each person to learn more about their body, their posture, the colors that favor them in order to maximize their strengths, minimize weaknesses, and achieve harmony between the internal and external.

    Self-knowledge is an integral part of the process through which it is possible to improve the perception that others have of us and increase our self-esteem.

    We offer you services of:
    Services custom Stylism, color, feminine image, masculine image, wardrobe organization, closets, cupboards, basic wardrobe and services for pregnant women and brides.
    Personal Image Analysis
    The Image Consulting ranges from slight costume changes, until the complete remodeling of the personal presence, improving body attitudes, makeup (if required), advertising photography, protocol, propaganda involved, hairstyle, ornamentation, clothing, etc.
    Personal Coaching
    Management designed for day to day relationships, time optimization, deal with new social circles...

    Obtain the advice of our professional staff.