Corporate Entertainment
    All our events foster creativity, communication and integration among the participants.

    Additionally, events can be designed to foster other skills such as teamwork and leadership development.

    Thus, corporate events become entertainment and training activities which go together.

    In Lammermoor we conduct business and leisure events for groups of any size, from small groups to large events.

    Because of its strong social character, all our events are guaranteed the following objectives:

    Integration and negotiation: develop contacts at different levels among all participants, as well as targets in the activity that will lead to partnerships and dealings between them.

    High level of participation: suggestive themes, dynamic motivational and total control of the event.

    Additionally, if you wish we can guide efforts to other more complex goals, such as:

    Teamwork: with assigned group through tasks and missions that both encourage and require team collaboration.

    Decision making / negotiation skills: through multiple times when you must make key decisions (individual and group) and other situations where you have to negotiate (both in groups and individually with other participants).

    "If you want to give a new approach to its corporate activities or looking for a fun original, leave it to us. We guarantee the success of the activity."