The Company
    Lammermoor was born from the idea of creating a unique business consulting & services on Luxury, Gourmet and Lifestyle, directed not by executives, but by outstanding professionals in the fields that are intended to offer the customer.

    Currently with offices in London, Miami and Formentera, we managed to build a brand that inspires trust and confidence, ensuring the highest quality and exclusivity.

    Lammermoor offers exclusive and integral gourmet luxury and lifestyle services.

    The Lammermoor field agents, and the management staff are highly skilled, with decades of experience in their respective areas of specialization.
Our core values:
    Excellence & Commitment:
    Lammermoor focuses on their professional excellence and commitment to the company and its clients.

    Confidence & Customization:
    Lammermoor is a brand you can trust, always careful to the specific needs of each client on each service provided.

    Vision & Innovation:
    Through excellent service and commitment to I+D+i Lammermoor always maintains a visionary and innovative spirit. One of our goals is to set up trends that satisfy the customer.

    We have recently renovated both in structure and design our flagship in Miami: the Villa Sospiri, located on the island of San Marco. The reform has taken care of every detail to represent excellence, exclusivity and quality of the actions of the brand in Luxury, Decor and Lifestyle, which has become one of the best in the industry of Villa-hotels in a record time.

    All our networks and knowledge resources are focused on the full satisfaction of our customers.

    Therefore, we are proud to say that Lammermoor is synonymous with luxury, Gourmet and Lifestyle.