At Lammermoor, we understand the importance of caring for our surroundings. Our first property, Casa Sospiri, has invested in the following features:
  • Energy efficient Icynene® spray foam insulation.
  • Noritz® tankless water heaters that are 38%-57% more energy efficient than traditional water heaters.
  • A rainwater collection system.
  • The first green roof over habitable space in Miami, which
    reduces the heat reflected on to the atmosphere as well as the amount of energy required to maintain a comfortable temperature.
  • Water saving native plants and rain gardens.
  • Regional biodiversity preservation with over 70 types of plants, including rare and endangered species.
  • Non-toxic chemical landscaping with organic soils to ensure healthy recreation for children and pets.
  • Herbs and an edible garden for fresh kitchen garnishes, ensuring access to vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants that are normally lost during industrial agriculture processing.
  • Outdoor water features designed for passive climate control.