Letter from the CEO

Dear customers of Lammermoor,

If you allow me I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Lammermoor and share with you the spirit of excellence that has driven this company over the past two years towards a very specific goal: providing full service Luxury, Lifestyle and Gourmet highest level.

You may think that is a goal common because many companies already offer these services but the reality does not always correspond with the publicity and even less when we talk about luxury and gourmet.

In my many trips all over the world, I have retained the services of companies luxury events, I have stayed at the best hotels, I tried the cuisine of top chefs and catering services from the best brands ... and always I found the same touchstone personalized attention from beginning to end.

One does not expect much when you buy a cheap product or service when hiring mediocre but when it comes to luxury, all expect (or should expect) the best product with the best service and foremost a value that makes a difference between going to Tiffany´s or go at the anonymous neighborhood jewelry.

Two years ago I came to the conclusion that it was possible to offer integral personalized luxury experiences and unique that will leave a memorable keepsake in the minds of our customers, so we I assembled a management team formed by specialists in the services I wanted to offer, making sure they shared my vision of the need for this added value.

That added value, that secret ingredient, consists mainly of exclusive and personalized attention, according to the quality and status of the service requested ... but make no mistake: Lammermoor is synonymous with luxury and quality assurance ... and for us luxury means more than just money.

For us, luxury means class, distinction, elegance, attention to detail ... and exclusivity. In the same way that buying a limited edition Ferrari is not just about money, hire Lammermoor either.

Serve as an example that not all applications are accepted to rent our flagship, the Villa Sospiri in San Marco Island.

This Villa, newly renovated, both in structure and design, represents up to the smallest detail excellence, exclusivity and quality of the actions of the brand in Luxury, Decor and Lifestyle, which has become one of the best of the bunch of Villa-Hotels.

Unlike the vast majority of Villa-Hotels, planned and equipped for use by an individual that rented through an agency, Villa Sospiri is completely designed from its inception to accommodate the most discerning and distinguished guests.

I sincerely hope that all those who, like me, only be satisfied with the best, found in Lammermoor a trustworthy brand for its Luxury, Gourmet and Lifestyle experiences.

Best regards,
Miguel Aguado